Into the Era of Secure Remote Work

We recently partnered with Microsoft to produce an e-book that collates our ideas on how organisations can stay ahead of swiftly changing threats in the shifting remote work landscape.    While the new era of remote work has provided some businesses with surprising productivity boosts as high as 13%, many are still struggling to secure their suddenly expanded network of remote endpoints and IT resources against a growing onslaught of cyberthreats.

How do you shore up your defences? You’ll see some of the questions you should ask, and how to refocus your security emphasis to keep your network safe. You’ll also get fast guidance to:

  • Quickly get a handle on your security picture to identify your threats and opportunities
  • Put your remote workers at the centre of a new strategy for dispersed workplace security
  • Enhance your security responses to meet the growing volume and sophistication of threats
  • Avoid the new pitfalls of “shadow IT,” phishing attacks and other common security blind spots

Modern Workplace Into the Era of Secure Remote Working

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