Big Security in a Small Business World: 10 myth busters for SMB cybersecurity

In this new report, Cisco uses survey findings, and the outcomes from conversations with small and medium-sized businesses, to debunk common SMB cybersecurity myths– on topics such as how many SMBs have departments dedicated to proactive threat hunting, and the types of cyber threats that you face.

If all the pressures of being a small business are not enough, external pressures – the current global pandemic as an example – may have forced some or all your workforce to work remotely. We might be having to adjust to different ways of working than we are used to, and when times are hard, prioritising is essential. What this report aims to do is highlight which strategies are working. We hope this helps with the decisions you are making about how you and your workforce manage security in the future, and how cybersecurity can help empower you to accelerate your success.

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